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Obama praises passage of gay marriage in Illinois

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2013

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – President Barack Obama is praising the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in his home state of Illinois.

Obama, who served in the Illinois state Senate, released a statement saying he was “overjoyed for all the committed couples in Illinois.”

The president is commending members of the Legislature for approaching the issue in an “open and fair way.” He says the nation’s journey is not complete until gay men and women are treated equally under the law.

Same-sex marriage legislation passed the state House on Tuesday, nearly nine months the Senate approved it. The vote comes on the heels of the U.S. Senate’s advancement of a workplace anti-discrimination bill for gay, lesbian and transgender workers.

Illinois is the 15th state to allow gay marriage.

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LPAC receives Governor’s Hometown Award

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2013

          If you have children or enjoy community events chances are good you visited a festival or market in La Salle some time this year.  You can thank the volunteers with the La Salle Promotional and Advisory Committee, or LPAC.

The group is the recipient of a Governor’s Hometown Award.  The winners were announced Tuesday in Springfield.  LPAC is credited with putting together four family oriented seasonal events that promoted the community and downtown businesses. 

          The committee was a finalist for the big prize, the Governor’s Cup but that went to Mount Vernon.

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Storm sewer and shoulder work planned in Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2013

Between road work and sewer projects, your tax dollars are always being spent for some sort of infrastructure project.  The Ottawa City Council Tuesday night hired Reese Construction to place stone along the shoulder of East Stevenson Road.

City Engineer Dave Noble says the stone is needed because there are often trucks lined up along the road waiting to get into the Pet Smart Distribution Center.  The work is costing approximately $40,000.  He hopes they can get started soon and have it done before winter.

The city hired C & H Excavation to build a storm sewer on Hillside Avenue.  Noble says they’re concerned the farm tiles that have been there for years won’t be able to handle all of the drainage and that could lead to flooded homes.  That’s going to cost about $52,000.  Noble isn’t sure when the work would begin.

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Legislation to annex Cherry School with Dimmick not happening this fall

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2013

More than a fourth of the way through the school year, and Cherry Grade School’s plan to send their students to Dimmick School next year is uncertain.  Cherry School officials were hoping legislation would be passed this fall allowing the Cherry school district to annex into the Dimmick school district but that’s not going to happen.

State Representative Frank Mautino says he won’t bring the proposal to the Senate and House Committees on Education because the Cherry and Ladd School districts weren’t able to reach an agreement.

Ladd School District was Cherry’s other option but most of the parents in Cherry preferred Dimmick.  Many people in Ladd believe Cherry students should go to Ladd School.

Mautino also says the law as is reads now won’t allow Cherry to annex to Dimmick because they are in different Regional Offices of Education.  He also doesn’t think the Regional Board of Trustees would approve.

Cherry School Superintendent James Boyle says the district has four options to consider when the school board meets on November 20.  He would still like to see the students attend Dimmick School and is encouraging everyone in the district to be at the meeting.

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LPHS board to reconsider season ticket sales

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2013

Your favorite sports team doesn’t have to be made up of professionals.  LP Cavalier basketball fans can be devoted bunch.  Not even a week after one fan complained about the elimination of season basketball tickets in the Newstribune, the school board is ready to reconsider.

The school board could rescind their vote to do away with season passes when they meet Wednesday at 5:30pm.  They could also hire Illinois Valley Community Hospital to perform random student drug testing.

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