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Archive for December, 2012

Illinois Sen. Kirk to return a year after stroke

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

CHICAGO (AP) – U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk is expected to go back to work in Washington this week, nearly a year after suffering a major stroke.

The 53-year-old Republican’s return is good news for fellow stroke patients and medical researchers.

Dr. Elliot Roth, medical director at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s New Patient Recovery Unit, said it’s estimated only one-third of stroke patients return to work.

Kirk has been participating in a medical study that involves intense walking therapy. Roth said Kirk’s return to the Senate can be highly motivational for others who have suffered strokes.

Kirk was elected to the Senate in 2010. His stroke in January 2012 severely limited movement on his left side and affected his speech, though doctors expected him to make a full mental recovery.

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NIU fans ready to cheer on the Huskies

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

Will you be watching the Orange Bowl?  Many graduates and students of Northern Illinois University will be cheering on the Huskies as they play the Florida State Seminoles Tuesday night.

Some NIU fans will even be in Florida for the game.  Matt Friedlein of Mendota told AM 1220 WLPO News that he would be attending the game with his mother, sister and girlfriend.  Friedlein and his sister are NIU alumni.

Sean Walsh, formerly of Oglesby, says he’ll be watching from a house party with other NUI alumni.  He says a year ago he wouldn’t have believed that he’d be watching his team in the Orange Bowl.

Kickoff is a7pm Tuesday.

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Teen accused of biting woman while at a bar in La Salle

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

What were a 17 year old girl and a 20 year old woman doing in a bar?  Whatever the reason, police say a fight broke out at Tipzy Tap on 8th Street in La Salle.

Officers were called to the tavern early Sunday morning after a teen allegedly bit a woman in the face.

The teen and the 20 year old were arrested for loitering at a bar.  A battery charge against the teen was referred to the juvenile probation office.  Charges are pending against the bar.

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States Comes Down On Former Nursing Home Director

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

The former head of La Salle County Nursing Home is in trouble with the state.

The state has suspended the nursing home administrator license of Adrienne Erickson of Princeton for 90 days.  She was fired from the La Salle County Nursing Home in September of 2009 after the Illinois Department of Public Health ripped into lack of efforts by nursing home staff to stop sexual assaults.

After her 90-day suspension, her administrative license will be on probation for two years and have to pay fees and go to some classes.

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WLPO Looks Back At Busy News Year

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

Burnt buildings to coaching controversies to closed box stores.  All are included in AM 1220 WLPO’s Year in Review.

You can catch the comprehensive look back at the Illinois Valley’s biggest stories of the year tonight at 6 and tomorrow morning at 8 on AM 1220 WLPO.

Year in Review is brought to you by the city of Peru, Heritage Health in Streator, First Federal Savings Bank, and Dawn’s New Day.

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Tough Year On Bureau County Roads

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

2012 has proved to be a more deadly year on the roads of Bureau County than quite some time.

According to Illinois Department of Transportation numbers, there have been eight people killed in seven fatal crashes this year in Bureau County.  Last year there were only three fatalities.  Of the seven fatal crashes in Bureau County this year, one involved a motorcycle.

La Salle County has had 11 people killed in ten fatal crashes this year.  That’s down from 17 deaths last year and way from 2007 when 32 people died in crashes on La Salle County roads.  Included in the driving deaths this year in La Salle County is two motorcycle crashes, one involving a semi and another where a pedestrian was killed.

For the third time in four years, Putnam County hasn’t had a death due to a crash on a state road.

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Cost Of License Plates Going Up

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

Hopefully you renewed your license plates recently.  If you did, you saved a couple bucks.

License plate renewals go up as of tomorrow from 99 to 101 dollars.  Fees are also going up for things like bike and equestrian trails and fishing.  The bill sponsored by State Representative Frank Mautino is pushing to raise over 30 million dollars a year for the department of natural resources.  Mautino argued that without new revenues, the state would have to consider closing state parks like Starved Rock.

Mautino and State Senator Sue Rezin both supported the license plate increase.

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Child Protection Bill Becoming State Law

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

Fallout from the highly publicized Casey Anthony trial will be felt in Illinois starting tomorrow.

The Illinois House and Senate both unanimously passed the so-called “Caylee’s Law” which takes effect in the New Year.  Illinois and six other states are making it a felony for parents, guardians or caretakers who don’t report a missing child within 24 hours.  If a child is two years old or younger, you have an hour to report him or her missing to police.

The namesake of the law is Caylee Anthony, the two-year old daughter of Casey Anthony.  The mom was found not guilty of murder despite not reporting her daughter missing for a full month.

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Pensions And Gay Marriage On State Lawmakers Plates

Posted by wlpo on December 31, 2012

AURORA, Ill. (AP) – Illinoisans and lawmakers will discuss pension reform proposals during a town hall event later this week in suburban Chicago.

Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice and state Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia will host a forum Wednesday at East Aurora High School to discuss solutions.  The forum is called “Funding Strong Schools and Fair Pensions.”

State lawmakers reconvene in Springfield this week and addressing the state’s nearly $100 billion shortfall is among their priorities. They may also consider legalizing gay marriage and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

The state Senate meets Wednesday and the House is expected to meet the Sunday after.

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Wave “goodbye” to “The Waver”

Posted by wlpo on December 30, 2012

Ed Carlson, a smiling free spirit who became known as “The Waver” for waving at motorists while on foot across the country for over 30 years, died Friday at his home in Iowa at the age of 75. Carlson became an institution in Reno, Nevada, which was his home base from the 1970s to 2007 when he moved to Cedar Rapids to be close to family.

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