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Concealed-Carry Update For La Salle County

Posted by wlpo on February 12, 2014

Applying for a conceal-carry license doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive one.  According to state law, the Illinois State Police and your county sheriff review and reject applications based on your eligibility.

La Salle County Sheriff Tom Templeton says there have been 268 applications in La Salle County and he has rejected none though the state police turned down one.  Templeton says the state police use arrest and conviction records when determining eligibility but sheriff’s can also use their local records that would include police calls that didn’t lead to an arrest.  If an applicant is rejected, they have the right to a hearing.

You need 16 hours of training from a certified instructor to apply for a conceal-carry license.  There are 21 certified concealed-carry instructors in La Salle County.

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