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Fire chief offers advice for safely using heaters

Posted by wlpo on January 6, 2015

Keeping your house warm when it’s below zero can be difficult, but before you plug in a space heater for added heat, make sure you have one that’s safe.

La Salle Fire Chief Andy Bacidore says if you’re going to use a space heater, make sure it is UL approved and has safety mechanisms that work. You also need to be careful not to place it close to beds or furniture that could catch fire.

If you’re using a heating device that uses fossil fuel or wood, Bacidore says carbon monoxide poises another danger. He says you should have working smoke detectors and a CO detector because both smoke and CO will put you into a deeper sleep and most fatal fires and CO poisonings happen while people are sleeping.

Don’t use your kitchen stove or oven as a heat source. Bacidore says that’s not what it was designed for.

Learn more about space heater safety by listening to an interview that’s available at the Classic Hits 103.9 WLPO news page.

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