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Pension changes and cuts part of Gov. Rauner’s budget plan

Posted by wlpo on February 18, 2015

Spending cuts are a large part of Governor Bruce Rauner’s budget plan. Rauner spoke to lawmakers Wednesday afternoon in Springfield.

The Republican says he has a plan to fix the state’s massively underfunded pension system. He says his pension reform plan protects everything state workers have earned to date, but wants everyone going forward to be under a different plan. The exception would be police officers and firefighters.

He says he can save more than $2 billion in the first budget year.

Getting any of his ideas passed will be a challenge since Democrats control the state House and Senate.

Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan says he doesn’t think you work your way out of a budget deficit by cuts alone. He believes there needs to be new revenue.

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Rauner eliminates ‘fair share’ union dues for state workers

Posted by wlpo on February 9, 2015

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Gov. Bruce Rauner stepped up his campaign against government employee unions by eliminating so-called “fair share” dues paid by workers who don’t join a union.

The Republican said Monday he has signed an executive order erasing what he says is a “critical cog in the corrupt bargain crushing taxpayers.” He says forcing non-union employees to pay union dues requires them to fund political activity they don’t agree with.

He says he took action after a U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last year that found the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act violated the First Amendment by mandating involuntary union dues.

Rauner has called for ending political contributions by unions.

Rauner’s executive order has no effect on those who wish to remain in unions.

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Rezin and Mautino react to Rauner’s State of the State address

Posted by wlpo on February 4, 2015

Governor Bruce Rauner outlined his vision for Illinois during a State of the State speech, but it’s his budget speech that State Representative Frank Mautino wants to hear.  Rauner is the first Republican Illinois governor in more than a decade.  He gave the speech Wednesday afternoon.

Mautino, a Democrat, says he doesn’t see Rauner’s right-to-work legislation going anywhere but he agrees with some of the governor’s ideas on reforming unemployment insurance and increasing funding for education.

State Senator Sue Rezin, a Republican, says that Governor Bruce Rauner has done a good job at reaching across the aisle to Democrats.  She says his speech was bold and laid out a good plan to revitalize Illinois.  She agreed with Rauner, that high property taxes are a concern for people statewide and believes that state lawmakers could provide relief by giving more money to school.

Rauner gives his budget speech February 18.

Hear more about what Rezin and Mautino had to say by listening to interviews that are available at the Classic Hits 103.9 WLPO news page.

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