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Streator dedicates 2015 to Pluto and its discoverer

Posted by wlpo on January 18, 2015

What does 2015 mean to you? For Streator, 2015 is the Year of Pluto and Clyde Tombaugh. NASA’s New Horizons Pluto Mission will pass by the dwarf planet on July 14. The spacecraft contains some of Tombaugh’s ashes.

Tombaugh was born in Streator and discovered Pluto while working at the Lowell Observatory in 1930 and that makes him worth remembering, according to Ed Brozak with Streator Tourism.  Brozak says there will be guest speakers and a live linkup with NASA to receive firsthand information as New Horizons passes by Pluto. There will also be an observation night with telescopes, a night golf outing, parade, and Pluto polka party.  The events will start with the Fourth of July.

You can learn more about Streator’s plans by listening to an interview that’s available at the Classic Hits 103.9 WLPO news page.

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