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Congressman Kinzinger says the U.S. needs a better approach for fighting ISIS

Posted by wlpo on November 24, 2014

Keeping a job in Washington, DC isn’t easy, even if you’re the Secretary of Defense. Chuck Hagel announced Monday that he’s stepping down.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, is happy with move. Kinzinger says ISIS remains an existential threat to U.S. security, and the country needs a more robust and determined approach to drive the terrorist forces from their strongholds.

Republicans who take control of the Senate next month have also been extremely critical of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Hagel will stay on until his replacement is in place.

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Kinzinger wins another term in Congress

Posted by wlpo on November 5, 2014

As expected, Republican Adam Kinzinger will be going back to Washington D.C. for at least another two years.

With a majority of the precincts counted, Kinzinger has 70% of the vote in the 16th District Congressional race against Democrat challenger Randall Olsen of Ottawa. Kinzinger says its humbling to win by the margin he did.

Olsen was a relative unknown in the race. He’s a former nuclear cardiology technologist.

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Long receives the backing of Kinzinger

Posted by wlpo on October 10, 2014

You would expect a republican congressman to be backing the local republican candidate. Congressman Adam Kinzinger is doing just that. Kinzinger this week formally announced his endorsement of state representative candidate Jerry Long.

Long is challenging Democrat Frank Mautino in the 76th District race.

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Area congressmen wants air restrictions for Syria

Posted by wlpo on September 27, 2014

The fight against the Islamic State would be made easier with a no-fly zone over Syria, according to Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Your Republican Representative has been in Turkey and met Friday with members of the Free Syrian Army.

He says with the United States and others targeting ISIS, Bashar al- Assad can focus his resources on defeating the Free Syrian Army. He thinks a no-fly zone would level the playing field for the Free Syrian Army against both ISIS and Assad.

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Kinzinger among House members supporting border legislation

Posted by wlpo on August 1, 2014

More money for security and agents along the U.S. and Mexico border is included in a bill passed by House Republicans. Your congressman, Republican Adam Kinzinger, was among those supporting the Southwest Border Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2014. It was passed Friday.

The bill includes money to send National Guard members to the border and money to speed up the processes of returning migrant children to from where they came.

It’s a $694 million bill and Kinzinger says funding for it will be offset by spending reductions and that it will not add to the national debt.

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