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Nuclear plant’s emergency preparedness brochures mailed

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2015

A brochure from Exelon will soon be arriving in the mail if you live near the La Salle generating station. Exelon says they mailed more than $15,000 emergency planning brochures to people and businesses within 10 miles of its La Salle nuclear plant.

The annual brochures are required by federal law and include information about general emergency preparedness, including reception center locations, evacuation routes, a map, and a list of emergency alert broadcast stations.

You’re encouraged to keep the brochure in case you need it.

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IV Regional Airport would be used by Exelon as an emergency staging area

Posted by wlpo on February 10, 2015

The La Salle Generating Station has operated for 30 years without a large-scale emergency. But if a disaster happens, Exelon will be allowed to use the Illinois Valley Regional Airport in Peru as an emergency staging area.

Peru and attorneys for Exelon are working on an agreement. The city would need to make available parking, a helipad and access to power. Chuck Studer runs the airport for the city. He says the agreement isn’t asking for anything that they can’t provide and there won’t be a cost to the city. He says the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Aeronautics has already approved it.

Peru’s attorney, Doug Schweirckert says he has issues with some parts of the agreement. The council held off on approving it Monday night.

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Extra employees made it to work at the La Salle Generating Station

Posted by wlpo on February 2, 2015

It wasn’t a snow day for employees of the La Salle County Generating Station. Exelon says more than 2,000 people made it in to the nuclear plant Monday morning to work on the Unit two refueling outage. Unit one continues to produce power.

Megan Borchers of Exelon says it was a scheduled outage. The plant has two reactors. Each of the reactors must be shut down and refueled every two years.

Exelon says 1,400 supplemental workers are called in to do all that needs to get done during the outage

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Exelon looking to extend operations at the La Salle nuclear plant

Posted by wlpo on December 10, 2014

You might remember when the nuclear plant in La Salle County was being built. The plant’s two units began producing power in 1984 and if Exelon Generation has its way, it will be running in 2040.

Exelon is asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to renew the licenses for both units. Unit 1 is licensed to operate until 2022 and Unit 2 until 2023. Exelon wants to extend each by 20 years.

Exelon filed a license renewal application Tuesday. It Exelon says it will take two years for the NRC to review the request.

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Shutdown at La Salle Generating Station being investigated

Posted by wlpo on August 6, 2014

An unexpected shutdown at the La Salle Generating Station has operators trying to figure out what happened.

Exelon says Unit two automatically shut down Tuesday evening after a valve on one of the station’s steam lines closed. The plant responded as expected and there weren’t any problems.

Exelon says La Salle Unit one continues to run at full power and the shutdown was not affecting its customers.

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