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Non-violent Offender Program Saves State $75 Million over First Five Years

Posted by wlpo on November 21, 2016

A state program designed to help non-violent criminal offenders has saved the state more than $75 million.

The Adult Redeploy Illinois program was started in several counties, including LaSalle, back in 2011. The point of the program is to work with offenders to address unmet needs, like addiction or mental health issues, which may play a factor in their criminal behavior.

According to the 2015 report which was released last week, more than 2,500 offenders have been assigned to the program instead of prison. Redeploy costs the state about $4,400 per person, per year, as opposed to prison, which costs more than $23,000.

The program is funded via more than $15.5 million in federal grants which have been given to local jurisdictions to pay for programs related to that community’s needs. As of the end of last year, there were 24 of these programs in 39 counties, including LaSalle.

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