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Tribune analysis shows out-of-towners ticketed more

Posted by wlpo on June 12, 2016

Are some Chicago suburbs looking out for you – the out-of-towner?  The answer would be “yes”, but not in the way you’d think.  A Chicago Tribune analysis of 3 years worth of traffic stop data revealed that among those who got pulled over, many suburbs were more likely to issue speeding tickets to nonresidents.

In their Sunday edition, the Tribune showed results of their study.  The city of Wayne ticketed 1116 non-residents and only 8 of their residents.  Itaska police cited 2776 not from their city and 127 of their city.  Batavia’s numbers were roughly 3700 drivers just passing through and 785 of their “regulars”.

Wayne’s police chief Dan Callahan told the Tribune, he believes out-of-towners speed at substantially higher rates.

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