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State Senator Sue Rezin Says Typically Reasonable Protestors “Turned Ugly” Monday

Posted by wlpo on June 7, 2016

At least one state lawmaker isn’t looking favorably on the reception Ottawa gave to Governor Bruce Rauner during a scheduled speech.

State Senator Sue Rezin also spoke during Rauner’s conference and, like many, she had shown up to City Hall prior to the speech’s move to the downtown courthouse. She then had to move through demonstrators who are opposed to many of the Republicans’ platforms.

While the Senator said she has no problem with your right to demonstrate, she feels some protestors on Monday crossed a line:

“Many people that demonstrate usually I’ve worked with on other issues and usually we have something in common,” Rezin said, “but boy, when I left it turned ugly. And to be called names and yelled at the way that I was… I’m not standing for it.”

Rezin went on to say she felt the more vocal protesters did a disservice to those who were “really trying to make a point.”

The General Assembly is continuing to work to resolve the budget impasse as the state approaches one year without a formal budget.

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