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6 in 10 dementia victims wander away

Posted by wlpo on May 22, 2016

Do all dementia victims wander? The Alzheimers Association says 6 of 10 will.

In the disease’s early stages, the dementia victim becomes disoriented or confused. Warnings signs are returning late from an outing,  trying to fulfill past obligations,  unable to find a bathroom or bedroom or acting as if doing a chore or hobby, but getting nothing done.

To prevent wandering, it’s suggested you provide routine for the dementia person,  reassure them if they feel lost, camouflaging doors and door knobs,  providing supervision and keeping car keys out of sight,  If the loved one becomes lost, families and caregivers help themselves by keeping an emergency list of helpers, keeping a photo of the loved one,  ask neighbors to keep an eye out if the family member is alone and having the loved one wear ID jewelry.

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