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Ameren Announces First Phase of LaSalle Plant Cleanup Almost Complete

Posted by wlpo on May 7, 2016

If you’ve driven along Canal Street in La Salle over the past few years, you’ve noticed Ameren has been hard at work. Now, they’re finally in the last stages of cleaning up some so called “environmental contaminates” from the manufactured gas plant that dated back 150 years.

According to Brian Martin, the project’s consulting environmental scientist, Ameren doesn’t even own the property they’ve been working to clean up. He says that while the land isn’t theirs, the coal tar and other contaminates that had polluted the area happened while the land belonged to a company that would eventually become Ameren, so they were responsible.

Ameren is now requesting a letter of “no further remediation,” which Martin says means the land is now up to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards. He says the only thing left to be finished in the area is the cleaning of some sediment in the I&M Canal.

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