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Bomb scare at the Peoria airport

Posted by wlpo on March 31, 2016

Props used to train for attacks at abortion clinics along with dog toys caused quite a scare at the Peoria airport.

At around 6:30 Thursday morning, a TSA agent found things in a checked piece of luggage that looked like parts of an explosive device. The area was evacuated and the Peoria Police bomb squad showed up as the airport came to a standstill and the passenger with the questionable luggage was detained.

According to the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office, three sticks were the label “dynamite” along the side, a mason jar of liquid and an aerosol can were found in the luggage. Eventually investigators found out the jar and can were used as training props for abortion clinics to train how to identify suspicious devises. The sticks were actually fetch toys for dogs.

The airport resumed its normal operations after about three hours of being shutdown.

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