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Republican Congressman wants everyone on same page in fight against terrorists

Posted by wlpo on March 26, 2016

Of the few things in life that are certainties, you’d probably say one of them is that politicians will disagree. However, shouldn’t they all be in agreement on something like national security?

Adam Kinzinger, U-S Representative for Illinois Valley, proposed a bill to promote that agreement, one day after the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels. It would require the President and other Cabinet members to give Congress a long-term plan for how they plan to fight groups like ISIS, and they’d be required to update the plan at least every 2 years.

He says the purpose of the bill isn’t to restrict the President; he just wants everyone involved to be on the same page. Kinzinger thinks the bill will create a dialog between both branches and even between parties. He says because Congress approves the use of military force, they should be in agreement with the President and with each other.

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