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Long goes on the attack against Skoog

Posted by wlpo on March 17, 2016

Well that didn’t take long. Hours after winning the Republican primary, Jerry Long is on the attack against Democratic State Representative Andy Skoog.

Long put out a statement called a “Mandate against Skoog & Madigan”. Long says in return for support from Mike Madigan, Skoog is “clearly on Madigan’s leash”. Long accuses Skoog of supporting a handful of conservative bills to “pander for votes in our conservative district”.

The union trucker from Streator goes on to say Skoog is “like a chaff of wheat blowing in the wind, not having a true compass”. He claims Skoog is trying to position himself to the right even though he supports one of the Democratic presidential candidates whom he calls “gun-grabbing leftist liberals who have a complete disdain for success, unless it’s their own success”.

So far Skoog has not responded to the Long comments.

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