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Accomplice Gives Detailed Account of Night Ottawa Truck Wash Owner was Allegedly Murdered

Posted by wlpo on March 1, 2016

Murder defendant William Horman’s alleged accomplice described every grim detail of the night last year when an Ottawa truck wash owner was supposedly killed.

Jonathan Beckman of Wedron testified during the first day of Horman’s trial. The 22-year old said Horman was mad at the victim, Robert Dowd; because he wasn’t made a partner in Dowd’s business. Beckman described how the two went to Rob’s Washouts where Horman beat the sleeping Dowd to death with a 3-foot long club.

The two burned Dowd’s body in a fire pit in front of a trailer he was renting, according to Beckman. Then he kept watch while Horman threw the ashes into the Fox River.

Public Defender Tim Cappellini questioned Beckman’s story, saying he had told police multiple conflicting stories. Cappellini also said that Beckman’s murder charge would be dropped as part of a deal with the state. Because he testified, Beckman now only faces a maximum of 5 years in prison.

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