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Woodhaven Lakes’ cleanup continues

Posted by wlpo on February 21, 2016

Ever cleaned a big mess? Does it compare with 2015’s Woodhaven Lakes tornado? Sales manager Randy Koehler told “Classic Hits 103-9 WLPO” cleanup started immediately after the June 22 storm. The twister pummeled 1500 camp sites and destroyed 15-thousand trees – all across the south half of the resort. 450 recreational vehicles were removed.

Cleanup is ongoing and Koehler knows it will last much of 2016. General Manager, Jeff Hickey recalls decision making became complex: “I’ve described it to people. First night, was minute to minute. And, then as the week progressed, we were able to make decisions a llittle farther out. From a half hour, a half day and then eventually got to where you got control of it 2 or 3 days later.

The summer resort has planted almost 5000 hardwood trees with 2000 pines coming.

To date, Koehler says, Woodhaven Lakes has spent $1.3 million in cleanup.

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Annual Christmas candy project is over

Posted by wlpo on February 21, 2016

Any “Loving Touch” peanut brittle left ? Savor it. It won’t be here next Christmas. Glenn and Beth Loving will stop making the thousands of bags sold annually here and… about a 90 minute drive in any direction from Streator.  Beth Loving told “Classic Hits 103-9 WLPO” news Glenn’s health now limits them to making small batches for close friends.

This “family recipe” was first made by “down south Illinois” relatives and sent  north. But, about 1981, Glenn was told – “just make it yourself”. “Become the northern Division”. The Lovings and 3 daughers did just that.

Loving said, “once we get going, we can do 4 batches an hour. A batch is 6 bags. In 1981, we made 150 bags in the whole season. The year we did the biggest production, 2008, we made 6259 bags”.

Loving’s 1 daughter is overseas, but 2 are in LaSalle Peru. Cami is the YMCA’s Health and Wellness Director and Casey is a Special Ed assistant at LP High School.

And, even though this 7 week annual project is done, Casey says it’s given her an idea……for the future.

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