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L-P tackles student concussion policy

Posted by wlpo on January 20, 2016

When you think of concussions, sports probably come to mind. A committee being put together at L-P is also taking a look at the impact of head injuries to a student’s ability to learn and focus in class.

Superintendent Steve Wrobleski says L-P’s concussion team will not only write up a policy for when athletes can get back on the field called “return to play”, but also for when students can get back into the classroom called “return to learn”. Wrobleski gave an example of a non-athlete getting into a wreck and suffering a concussion.

The state is requiring schools to have a Concussion Oversight Team in place by this September. L-P’s concussion team will include the school nurse, head athletic trainer, Dr. O’Donnell from Illinois Valley Community Hospital among others.

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