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Health Department offers “walk-in” HIV testing

Posted by wlpo on November 22, 2015

    December 1 is “World AIDS Day”. In honor of that day, LaSalle County Health Department will provide “walk-in” HIV tests on Monday, December 7 from 9 – 4. No appointment will be needed that day. A person can walk in,  be tested and have their results.

    The Centers for Disease Control estimates 1 million people are living with HIV in the U.S. And 1 in 5 are unaware they’re infected. Adults aged 20 – 24 have the highest diagnosis rate. The Health Department says increased knowledge of the disease and improved diagnostic and treatment methods have led to signficant advances in the clinical management of HIV and a delay in the progression from HIV to AIDS.

     The most common routes of transmission are unprotected sex with an infected person, sharing drug injection equipment with an infected person or from mother to infant at the time of birth or through breastfeeding.

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