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Archive for September 12th, 2015

Representative Mautino pushing bill involving special veteran driver’s licenses

Posted by wlpo on September 12, 2015

Even if you weren’t called into active duty, you’re still a veteran.

That’s what State Representative Frank Mautino thinks, and that’s why he’s sponsoring a bill that would extend eligibility for special veteran driver’s licenses. The legislation would include service members who were never called into active duty to get the special licenses.

Earlier this year, a law passed that allowed veterans to get a veteran designation on driver’s licenses or ID cards. However under the law now, veterans who served in the armed forces but were never called into active duty are ineligible for the special designation.

Mautino says to exclude those who didn’t serve in active duty is to “discredit their sacrifice altogether.”

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Walk to raise awareness about suicide returns to Baker Lake

Posted by wlpo on September 12, 2015

Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away. That’s especially the case with suicide.

A walk Sunday at Baker Lake in Peru is symbolically called “Out of the Darkness” and it’s geared towards raising awareness of suicide. Registration for the walk starts at noon with the walk beginning at 1.

Money raised goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In its first year in 2011, the “Out of the Darkness Walk” raised over 100 thousand dollars with Miller Group Media matching donations dollar for dollar.

For more information, click Out of the Darkness Walk

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Another block added to Peoria Street construction project

Posted by wlpo on September 12, 2015

Construction on Peoria Street is a little ahead of schedule so the city is going to add another block to the project.

Peru Engineer Eric Carls says they will pay another $250,000 to resurface, do new curbs and water main replacement on Peoria down to 8th Street. Initially the plan was to only resurface Peoria Street from Shooting Park Road to 9th Street.

Opperman Construction of Pontiac is doing the job for over a million dollars.

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Congressman Kinzinger blasts Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted by wlpo on September 12, 2015

In one of the least surprising votes you’ll see, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger rejected a new Iran Nuclear Deal.

Kinzinger was part of symbolic vote by the House Friday to block the deal that will go into effect because the Senate supports it and of course so does President Barack Obama. Kinzinger calls it a “terrible agreement”. He thinks it gives Iran the right to develop a nuclear program, instead of having the reverse effect.

Kinzinger goes on to say that “Iran has not earned the right to be trusted by the international community, and has done nothing to prove they will cease exporting terrorism throughout the world”.

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