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Price going up to live at the La Salle County Nursing Home

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

The cost of staying at the La Salle County Nursing Home is going up.

When December 1st rolls around, the price of a private room at the nursing home in Ottawa will go up from $145 to $148 per day. A semi-private room will cost $143 per day while an expanded semi-private room will be $146 a day. Both of those prices are also $3 more than the current rate.

Nursing Home Committee Chairman Gary Small says the cost is still well below what you have to pay to stay at a private nursing home.

The rate increase was $5 more a day last year.

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Lengthy debates on water issues leads to four hour La Salle County Board meeting

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

Votes dealing with a scenario of too much water and the possibility of a shortage of water in the future had the La Salle County Board debating at length Thursday.

The divided board first voted to table a variance request making an exception to the county’s flood ordinance by building a levee around the county nursing home without the requirement of building a compensatory storage pit, or a place where floodwaters can go. Some board members voting to table the variance argued that it’s not right for the county to not abide by its own flood ordinance by making an exception. Supporters of the variance want to put off the close to $900,000 storage pit and for now just pay for a flood wall and elevated Dee Bennett Road at the nursing home.

Later in the meeting, the board debated for another hour or so before finally approving a contract with the U.S. Geological Survey for a water study. Supporters argued that it’s important to have a professional study on the effects of sand mines and other industry on La Salle County’s water quality and if in the future water availability may be limited. Board members who voted against the study think it’s just targeting sand mines and many balked at the county paying $60,000 for the study when they thought other groups would kick in money for it.

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Marseilles police put out warning to anyone still shooting off fireworks

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

Are you still hearing fireworks go off in your neighborhood?

The Marseilles Police Department took to its Facebook page today to say they’ve gotten several complaints in the last week about fireworks. Officers say they have issued tickets and will continue to because many fireworks are dangerous and illegal.

The message from Marseilles Police concludes by saying “please understand although you may enjoy the show, your neighbors and their animals may not”.

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Countywide food drive wrapping up next week

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

Most big food drives happen around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, but the people who need that food are hungry year round. That’s why the Medical Reserve Corps of La Salle County hopes a food drive this summer will be just as big as the ones during the holidays.

The county-wide food drive continues through next Monday. All food collected will be distributed across La Salle county based on population served. Every food pantry will get donations.

Full lists of needed food items and donation collection sites can be found by clicking

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Early morning semi rollover on Interstate 80 near Sheffield

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

A semi driver was hurt after rolling his rig this morning in Bureau County.

State troopers along with paramedics from Sheffield were called just before 5 o’clock about a semi that rolled into the median. The semi was eastbound on Interstate 80. The driver had to be removed from the semi by first responders.

He was taken to Perry Memorial Hospital.

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Another judge will take up debate over state worker paychecks

Posted by wlpo on July 9, 2015

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) – The legal battle over whether Illinois can fully pay state workers amid an ongoing budget impasse is scheduled to return to court today.

Thirteen state worker unions are asking a southwestern Illinois judge to order Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger to continue issuing paychecks without a budget in place. A hearing is this afternoon in Belleville.

A Cook County judge ruled Tuesday that Munger can only pay some workers who are covered under federal minimum wage laws.

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