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Victim of Ottawa home invasion testifies but doesn’t implicate man on trial

Posted by wlpo on March 3, 2015

Who masterminded the home invasion of an elderly Ottawa woman? It depends on which attorney you ask.

During opening arguments against defendant Richard Felton, La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne labeled Felton the victim’s “worst nightmare”. Through the victim’s grandson, Towne says Felton found out the victim had money and began a plot with “his buddies” to steal from her. Towne told the jury they would eventually have a “CSI moment” seeing Felton’s DNA on zip ties used to tie up the victims feet during the break in.

Felton’s attorney James Reilly told the jury that the prosecution’s two star witnesses, Jeremy Wade and Brittany Dorsam cooked up a story after striking a deal to testify against Felton. He pointed out that Wade’s DNA was found on the victim’s window seal and that’s part of the proof that Wade, not Felton carried out the home invasion.

The victim now 94 testified while in a wheelchair Tuesday morning. She testified that whoever was in her house went through everything but could only identify a diamond ring as being stolen. She also said she didn’t see anyone’s face but initially told police she remembered a stocky man which Reilly claims was Jeremy Wade.

Wade is expected to testify against Felton. Felton eventually will face an attempted murder trial where he’s accused of shooting Wade at the Sandy Ford Bridge.

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