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A new pool would be good for children and parents according to supporters of a Peru pool referendum

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

If the only thing between you and the hot concrete is a wet beach towel you’re at the city swimming pool.  2009 was the last season for swimming at the Peru pool.  It has since been torn down. 

Claudia Mikyska and Gina Martin want the city to build a new pool so children will have a place to go during the hot summer, just like their children had.  They’re trying to raise support for a pool question that will be on Tuesday’s ballot.  The referendum asks for a property tax increase to pay for the pool.

Despite the extra tax, Mikyska believes working parents would want to have a pool for their children because it’s some place children could go with a babysitter.  She also thinks it would be good for the children to socialize.

Both women are part of Friends for Peru Pool, an organization raising money for a new pool or a splash pad.  The referendum hasn’t slowed their money-raising efforts.  They have a raffle drawing Monday night. 

Their opponents say the city can’t afford a pool and families can use the Illinois Valley Y and other public pools instead.

Hear more from Mikyska and Martin by listening to an interview available at the WLPO AM and FM news page

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Peru alderman at-large idea has lovers and haters

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

Signs are posted throughout Peru urging you to vote “yes” to having two aldermen elected at-large.  Former Peru Alderman Joe Witczak says the signs leaves out is that voting yes means cutting two aldermen leaving you with less representation on the city council.

The Peru Alderman At-large Initiative goes to voters Tuesday.  A supporter, Travis Nelson argues that you wouldn’t lose representation because the two at-large aldermen would have to represent everyone.  Witczak says the aldermen already do that.

Witczak says the change could leave three of the four wards with only one alderman and one ward with three, something he doesn’t think would be fair.

Nelson also says reducing the number of aldermen would save money.

The referendum is binding.  If approved, the city council would have to start from scratch next spring.

Interviews with Nelson and Witczak are available at the WLPO AM and FM news page.

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Construction Backing Up Interstate Traffic Near Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

If you have plans to take Interstate 80 from Ottawa to Marseilles or beyond, be prepared to stop.

Because of construction work on eastbound 80 around the Fox River bridge, traffic is being moved off the road and onto the shoulder.  This is causing traffic backups.

You can always take another way like Route 6.

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Late Polling Place Change In Hennepin

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

Just a few days before Election Day, there is a polling place change in Putnam County.

Putnam County Clerk Dan Kuhn says due to mold issues, the Hennepin Park District Pool will not be used for voting.  Instead you’ll be voting at the Hennepin fire station.

Kuhn says the air quality at the pool isn’t safe enough to have people coming in and out.

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Child Porn Arrest Made In Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

A six-month long investigation has paid off for Ottawa detectives.

Jeffrey Pearson of Ottawa was arrested Thursday for the class 3 felony of child pornography.  Investigators started looking at Pearson after getting a tip from the Illinois Crimes Against Children Task Force.  They claim Pearson not only was in possession of child porn but was also sharing it with others.

Pearson is officially charged with nine counts of child pornography.  He’s being held at the La Salle County Jail on $75,000 bond.

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Movement Growing To Save Ottawa High’s Building And Trades Department

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

It could be a full house when the Ottawa High School board meets Monday night.

A Facebook page called “OHS Building Trades” has been created in response to the school board possibly cutting the building trades out of the budget.  The page was created last Wednesday and already has over a thousand “likes”.

The board meeting starts at 6:30 inside the high school.

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New Student Center Planned At IVCC

Posted by wlpo on March 14, 2014

Ever wish there was a large gathering place to mingle at Illinois Valley Community College?

IVCC trustees have decided to use over a million dollars to build a student center and cyber cafe on campus.  The plan is for the cafe to open in the main lobby and the student center to open in the old counseling area within two years.  The work will include a new elevator, removing asbestos and putting in new lighting and wiring.

Trustees plan to use a combination of surplus money and a state grant to pay for the student center and cyber cafe.

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