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Attorneys for La Salle County Sheriff’s Department offer their side of the story

Posted by wlpo on October 10, 2013

You don’t have to be from La Salle County to have heard about the woman suing the sheriff and four sheriff’s department workers for being stripped naked and left in a padded cell.  The story received national after Dana Holmes of Coal City filed a suit in Federal Court in Chicago September 30.

Lawyers for the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office are offering another side to the story.  A statement from The Sotos Law Firm Thursday says that Holmes wasn’t strip-searched but rather placed in the padded cell and stripped of her clothing and given a tear-proof safe suit for her safety.

They say Holmes was put into the padded cell after twice kicking at a woman officer.  They also say she wasn’t thrown to the ground.

They also say they haven’t received complaints from other women that were processed at the jail, contrary to what Holmes’ attorney, Terry Ekl says.

The allegations from Holmes, they say, have lead to sheriff’s officers receiving death threats.

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