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La Salle is buying a second leaf vac

Posted by wlpo on October 9, 2013

          If your town has a leaf vac you have the luxury of raking your leaves to the curb instead of trying to stuff them into bags and purchasing stickers. 

          The city of La Salle, it seems, likes having a leaf vac, especially since they’ve outlawed leaf burning.  And most of the aldermen are willing to spend money to make sure a leaf vac will be available in the coming weeks.

          The city is buying a $63,000 Titan leaf vac that should arrive next week.  It will be more powerful than the one they have that’s about 20 years old. The old one is currently being worked on and just had its tires replaced.  It also broke down for at least a week last fall.

          Alderman Tom Ptak doesn’t think they should borrow more money since they have been spending and borrowing for a number of projects but he and two others were out-numbered Tuesday night.

          You should find out next week the schedule for the leaf vac route.

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