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“Coffin Jump” Attempted In Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on August 6, 2013

Imagine the terror of being handcuffed, chained and locked inside a wooden casket that is dropped out of an airplane at 14,500 feet. That’s the scenario that Anthony Martin of Wisconsin faces today when the 47-year-old escape artist takes to the sky above Ottawa.

Martin says he hopes to be free of the coffin after about 40 seconds of free fall, at around 7,000 feet. He’ll then drift away from the coffin and fly his parachute to a farm in Serena.

Since his first escape from handcuffs at the age of 10, Martin has wriggled his way out of straitjackets, ropes, chains, jail cells, coffins and a cage submerged under water.

Today’s jump is being done thru Skydive Chicago.

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