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Archive for February 16th, 2013

Spelling Bee Winner Comes From Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2013

Ram Koganti of Wallace Grade School is this year’s La Salle County Spelling Bee winner.

According to the NewsTribune, Koganti spelled sturgeon correctly in the 15th round of competition to win the 53rd annual spelling bee.  He now advances to the state finals next month in Peoria.  Koganti also wins a $250 cash prize, Book Mouse gift certificate and a plaque.

Runner-up in the La Salle County Spelling Bee is Owen Stoneking of Waltham Elementary School.

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Wild Night At L-P

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2013

The L-P and Ottawa boy’s basketball game Friday night had a little bit of everything: a conference title on the line, a capacity crowd with many wearing purple for Lily Rosploch and a fire alarm going off.

Just before halftime, the fire alarm in L-P’s west gym went off, forcing the evacuation of the capacity crowd.  The alarm was apparently a heat sensor in the balcony.

The delay lasted around 10 minutes.

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Study Says Some Chicago Cops Can Drink Before Work

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2013

WESTCHESTER, Ill. (AP) – A new report has found that some Chicago-area police officers are working under contracts that allow them to have a few drinks before they go to work.

The analysis is from the Better Government Association and WMAQ-TV in Chicago.
It found that some police contracts have provisions that allow officers to come to work with blood alcohol levels below the legal limit for drunken driving in Illinois.

One union official says the provisions make sense because some over-the-counter medicines and mouthwashes contain alcohol.

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Facebook Push To Bring Grocery Store To Peru

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2013

Can the power of Facebook help bring a new grocery store to Peru?

Over 540 people have “liked” a Facebook page called “Peru, IL wants a Trader Joes”.  Trader Joes is a specialty retail grocery store that has spots in the suburbs like Naperville and Tinley Park.

Peru Mayor Scott Harl has said publicly he and his wife are pushing to bring the grocery store to Peru.  The city is looking to fill empty Jewel and Kmart buildings.

A statement from Trader Joe’s says they have no plans for Peru but will pass along suggested locations to their real estate department.

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Jackson Jr. Likely Headed To Prison

Posted by wlpo on February 16, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) – The prospect of prison now looms over former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife after they agreed to plead guilty to charges in an alleged scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items.

Those items allegedly included everything from furs to a hat once owned by Michael Jackson.
It wasn’t immediately clear how much time either could end up doing after the legal drama inevitably reaches its climax before a sentencing judge within a few months.

But one former federal prosecutor in Chicago says judges frown on breeches of public trust. He says that may mean Jesse Jackson Jr. serves at least a few years. He thought Sandi Jackson would likely get a term of just several months.

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