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Neighboring Cities Still Feuding Over Water Bills

Posted by wlpo on January 10, 2013

Whatever happened to being friendly with your neighbor?

Hard feelings continue between the Ottawa City Council and Naplate Village Board over how much Naplate should pay for sewer and water service provided by Ottawa.  Ottawa raised rates last year to pay for sewer improvements but Naplate refuses to pay the new rates.  Ottawa council members think Naplate should at least pay the same for water and sewer as do people who live in Ottawa.

Council members decided to send Naplate another contract proposal along with a letter saying if they don’t come to agreement by the end of the month, they’ll go to court.  Ottawa Mayor Bob Eschbach accused Naplate of not bargaining in good faith while Commissioner Dale Baxter said if it was just water and not also sewer service, he’d shut it off today.  Commissioner Wayne Eichelkraut was even more frustrated saying Naplate’s proposal is a slap in the face.

Council members are hesitant to turn water and sewer service off to Naplate because they could get fined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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