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La Salle to form a committee to tackle problem properties

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

Would a bright orange sticker on the front door be enough to shame someone into improving their property?  Some of the aldermen in La Salle think it could work.  They’re considering ways to make property owners maintain their houses after hearing from about 17 people who say the city needs to do more.

The people were there for a building code committee meeting before the city council meeting Tuesday night.   Kathy Tomlinson was one of them.  She has complained to the city about a house and an apartment building near her home.  She says she hopes the ides from the meeting are a work in progress.

Alderman Jim Bacidore and Alderman Joe Edgcomb have volunteered to start up a committee that along with members of the community would encourage property owners to take responsibility for what’s theirs.

The aldermen also think they need to find a way to let people know what they’ve been doing to make property owners accountable.

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Cigarette Blamed In La Salle Apartment Fire

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

Watch where you flick that cigarette.

La Salle firefighters were called to an apartment fire Tuesday night on Route 6 near Bucklin Street.  Fire Chief Andy Bacidore thinks it started with a cigarette landing between stucco and siding of the three-story apartment building.  Damage was limited to the exterior of the building.

The 911 call came in shortly after 9:30.  The fire looked to be centered on the second floor.

La Salle Police closed off Route 6 at Bucklin Street to traffic while firefighters were at the scene.

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Rate hike in store for La Salle County Nursing Home

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

The cost of staying at the La Salle County Nursing Home is going up.

The cost of a private room at the nursing home in Ottawa is going up from $135 to $137 a day.  The semi-private room rate jumps from $130 to $132 a day.  The new rates go into effect December 1st.

The rates include basic room and board and food.  Things like a television and landline phone cost extra.

Nursing Home Committee Chairman Gary Small says due to the rough economy, they probably aren’t raising the rates as high as they should be.

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Handful Of Students Still In Hospital After Marseilles Bus Crash

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

Four Milton Pope students remain hospitalized after a school bus crash near Marseilles.

Superintendent David Hermann says one student is being treated in Joliet and three others are in Peoria.  Over 30 other students were taken to local hospitals yesterday and released.

Hermann says many students on the bus who weren’t hurt stayed home from school today with nicks and bruises.  Counselors and social workers are available for kids to talk to at the school.

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School Bus Driver Being Treated In Peoria

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

The Milton Pope bus driver is still in the hospital.

Diane Kelley is in St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria in fair condition.  She was hit yesterday morning near Marseilles by Michael Shelton of Marseilles.  Deputies believe that Shelton blew a stop sign and hit a school bus full of Milton Pope students.

39 students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade were taken to area hospitals after their bus crashed with a pickup truck before school today.  None were seriously hurt.

Shelton was taken to Morris Hospital and was ticketed for disobeying a stop sign.  The crash remains under investigation.

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La Salle Will Tackle Rundown Homes

Posted by wlpo on September 11, 2012

Apartment buildings with crumbling porches and tall weeds and homes that appear to be abandoned are growing in number in La Salle.

To maybe do something about it, the Building Codes Committee is meeting at 6pm Tuesday, an hour before the city council meeting.  The meeting was scheduled after a woman living next to two unkempt properties complained to the city council.

The committee meeting is being held in the council chambers at city hall.

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