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Peru to finish power plant demolition

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2012

The fence surrounding the partially demolished Peru power plant on Water Street has been removed but the plant is still standing.  The company hired to demolish the building went broke and left town according to Peru Mayor Scott Harl.

Harl says the city will go through the legalities to get the property back and finish the demolition.  Harl says he noticed the fence was gone Thursday.  He says the company working on the building, Global, had told the city they were taking a two-week break.  They don’t seem to be returning.

The old power plant was deeded to another demolition company more than a year ago.  A Unified was to have the asbestos removed, the valuable metal scrap removed and the building razed.  They went broke.  That’s went it went to Global.

Harl says the demolition is almost complete and the asbestos has been completely removed.  He says removing the asbestos cost between $400,000-$500,000 . The city hasn’t had to pay for anything yet.  He thinks they can have the rest of the building torn down for less than $100,000.

A new fence should be in place by Sunday.  Harl hopes they can finish the project before winter.

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