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Forensics Expert Gives Grisly Details Of Twardowski Murders

Posted by wlpo on February 8, 2012

While it took only one hit to kill Catherine Twardowski, a forensic pathologist says her husband Al went down with a big fight.

Dr. Scott Denton testified today in the Keith Mackowiak murder trial that Catherine had one injury to her forehead while husband Al suffered close to 30 different bruises or cuts to his arms, hands, wrists, fingers and head. Denton says the fatal blow was to the back of his head, fracturing his skull and tearing his brain.

The doctor testified the head blow to Al Twardowski was made by a hammer. Yesterday, Keith Mackowiak’s ex-girlfriend testified that Mackowiak called her the day of the Twardowski murders saying he got into a fight and hit someone with a hammer.

Mackowiak attorney George Kielian though drilled home the fact that Denton was only making his judgments based on pictures of the original autopsy done by Dr. Brian Mitchell. Denton was asked to give his opinion after Mitchell died before Mackowiak’s trial began.

Kielian argued that despite Denton agreeing with Mitchell’s findings, Mitchell never mentioned a hammer as a cause for the Twardowski injuries. Denton told Kielian Mitchell didn’t mention a hammer because he was only being asked about external injuries, not internal.

Testimony is continuing this afternoon in Ottawa.

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