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Obama Talks Jobs And Economy

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

“There’s nothing wrong with our country, there’s something wrong with our politics”.

That was the message of President Barack Obama during a town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon in Atkinson.  Obama called the recent debt ceiling debate a debacle, saying the debt and deficit problem could be solved next week if everyone had an attitude of “shared sacrifice”.

Obama says when Congress returns next month, he will ask for more cuts but also tax money to increase revenues. He laid out four things to do to increase jobs.  They’re extending the payroll tax cut and business credits, expanding the American Recovery Act with more construction projects, pass international trade deals and pass an “American Invents Bill” that gives incentives to entrepreneurs.  Obama says these are all traditionally bi-partisan ideas, throwing blame at the recent Tea Party movement for stalling things.

The president closed the town hall after about an hour by saying “don’t bet against America”.

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