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Walk to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

Grieving the death of a family member or a close friend is a tough emotional process.  If they died from suicide you may be left overcoming the hushing stigma that comes with it.

Not everyone thinks it should be that way.  Miller Group Media is sponsoring the “Out of the Darkness Illinois Valley Walk”.  John Spencer Vice President of Operations at La Salle County Broadcasting says the walk is symbolic of coming out of the darkness and being able to speak about it.

You can get involved by forming a team or walking solo Sunday, September 25 at Baker Lake in Peru.  It’s a three mile walk.  Check-in is at noon with the walk following at 1pm.  There’s no minimum fundraising fee or cost to register.  Money raised will support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

You can learn more information here.  Information packets are also available at the La Salle County Broadcasting studios across from Illinois Valley Community College.  Miller Group Media includes AM 1220 WLPO, 99.3 WAJK, 96.5 The Wolf, The Newstribune, Agrinews and Ottawa Delivered.

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Obama Talks Jobs And Economy

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

“There’s nothing wrong with our country, there’s something wrong with our politics”.

That was the message of President Barack Obama during a town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon in Atkinson.  Obama called the recent debt ceiling debate a debacle, saying the debt and deficit problem could be solved next week if everyone had an attitude of “shared sacrifice”.

Obama says when Congress returns next month, he will ask for more cuts but also tax money to increase revenues. He laid out four things to do to increase jobs.  They’re extending the payroll tax cut and business credits, expanding the American Recovery Act with more construction projects, pass international trade deals and pass an “American Invents Bill” that gives incentives to entrepreneurs.  Obama says these are all traditionally bi-partisan ideas, throwing blame at the recent Tea Party movement for stalling things.

The president closed the town hall after about an hour by saying “don’t bet against America”.

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Former village clerk indicted for theft and official misconduct

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

When you vote for a village clerk you want them to be responsible and trustworthy.  A woman who left her job as the clerk of Sheridan has been indicted.  A grand jury indicted Veronica Clemens Tuesday for theft and official misconduct.

Clemens is accused of stealing over $10,000 from the village and using a village credit card to buy things for herself.  She’s out of jail after posting bond.

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Music and art included in Maud Powell Celebration

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

A classical music performance may not seem like the best place to take your kids on a Saturday evening, but your family is welcomed at the Maud Powell Arts Celebration.

Chris Coughlin is one of the people organizing it.  She says it’s pretty informal so it’s a great way for kids to experience music.

Student musicians open the celebration Saturday morning at nine with performances at Maud Powell Plaza.  That will be followed by a drum circle at 12:15.  From 6-9:30 that evening, you’ll find an outdoor concert and art show in the Peru Municipal Building parking lot.

You can learn more about the woman they’re celebrating during the program “Why is Maud Powell Important?”  That’s at 2pm Sunday in the Municipal Building.  All of the events are free.

Hear more about the celebration during an interview available at the AM 1220 WLPO news page.

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Peru sales tax increase has some supporters

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

A proposal to raise the Peru sales tax by half a cent has some supporters in Peru.  If you count up the cards returned in a survey of utility customers, more people support the increase than oppose it though not by a huge margin.

Mayor Scott Harl brought out the two stacks of cards to show a small crowd during a town hall meeting Tuesday night.  Harl continue to support the increase saying it’s the only way they could pay to repave city streets.

A few people still say a referendum would be the fairer way to handle it.

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President Rolls Into Illinois

Posted by wlpo on August 17, 2011

ATKINSON, Ill. (AP) – President Barack Obama has seen the new Atkinson fire station being built with federal stimulus money. And Obama said at a town hall-style meeting today there are other infrastructure projects around the country to put people to work rebuilding schools, roads and bridges. He’ll complete his Midwest bus tour with an event in Alpha Wednesday.

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