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No Government Downsizing For La Salle County

Posted by wlpo on May 12, 2011

Although there has been plenty of chatter, the La Salle County Board is staying at 29 members.

The board voted 21 to 6 Thursday to reshape district lines but keep the same amount of board members.  Finance Chairman Tom Ganiere says the board cost 127 thousand dollars last year which was nearly 30 thousand dollars less than the year before because of fewer committees.  He says the only savings in less board members would be per diem which hasn’t been upped since the 90s.

Board member Randy Freeman voted to keep 29 members saying he’s fought long and hard to reduce the board size but after looking at the numbers, there wouldn’t be much savings.  Sandi Billard said she ran for office by promising to minimize the board size but said they’re “not going to save anything” by trimming it.

Jill Bernal, Arratta Znaniecki, Elmer Walter, Joe Panzica, Catherine Owens and Bob Vickrey voted against staying at 29 members.  Before the board voted, La Salle County Farm Bureau President Monte Whipple came out in support of 29 board members saying it provides for more diverse opinions.  Former board member Stephen Carlson suggested trimming the board to 14 members by having two board members represent one district.

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