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Archive for January 26th, 2011

Resorts Financial Issues Discussed Tuesday

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

The bankruptcy case of Grand Bear Lodge will be taken up Tuesday morning in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Chief Judge Carol Doyle will hear a motion to pay prepetition wages, benefits and payroll taxes filed by bankruptcy lawyer William Factor of Chicago.  Doyle plans to handle the motion at 10 o’clock in downtown Chicago.

Grand Bear Lodge filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last Friday.  The Utica resort is said to have 10 million dollars of debt.

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Peru approves contract to have old electric building cleaned up and torn down

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

The days are number for the old electric building on Water Street in Peru.  Contracts have been signed allowing the asbestos-filled building be conveyed to a contractor from Ohio.

A-Unified will salvage items of value, remove the asbestos and demolition it.  The city will have the option of buying back the property for $100.  The city council approved the agreement Wednesday night.

The building is easily over 100 years old and is on a flood plane.  It houses a steam turbine that was installed 50 years ago.

The contractor had someone taking a look at the asbestos Tuesday.

Alderman Dave Potthoff sees the removal of the building as an opportunity to renew efforts to redevelop Water Street.

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Route 178 Project Set To Start

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

The long awaited realignment of Route 178 thru Utica begins Monday.

Utility work starts Monday with crews beginning actual realignment roadwork February 28th.  Crews will be replacing the canal bridge, a new road will be built connecting Route 178 to Mill Street and the north end of Route 178 will be widened.  To realign the road, trees and homes will be demolished.

IDOT is having a public meeting about the realignment next Thursday at 6 at the Utica Village Hall.  They want to set up a traffic control plan since 178 will be under construction during Burgoo.

The realignment is an attempt to take truck traffic out of downtown Utica.  All the work is supposed to be done by October of next year.

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Marijuana Growing Arrest In Peru

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

Police in Peru say they’ve busted a marijuana growing operation.

After getting a suspicious activity call, police and a parole agent searched the 8th Street apartment of Charlie John.  John’s accused of having several marijuana plants plus growing equipment and paraphernalia.  He was taken to the county jail after being arrested for unlawful production of cannabis sativa plants.

John was already on parole for a 2001 conviction of delivery of cocaine in La Salle County.  In 1988, he was convicted of attempted murder and armed robbery in Cook County.

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Area Pensions Come Under Fire

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

La Salle County-area retired government employees receive lavish, gold-plated pensions according to taxpayer watchdog Jim Tobin.

Tobin is Chairman of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation.  He was in Ottawa Tuesday calling for pension reform and saying “the real reason Springfield politicians passed the income tax increase is to pump more money into floundering pension plans, including those from La Salle County.”

Tobin released pension amounts for retired public school staff, IVCC employees and government workers.  Getting the highest year pension of area retired public school employees is James Bagley of Peru Elementary at 122 thousand dollars followed by Charles Hager of Streator High School at 86 thousand dollars.

At IVCC, Alfred Wisgoski receives an annual pension of 122 thousand dollars.  Next highest paid is Robert Marshall who pulls in 92 thousand dollars a year.

When it comes to retired La Salle County employees, Steven Schoeph gets an annual pension of 60 thousand dollars a year followed by Anthony Condie with a 58 thousand dollar pension.

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Kinzinger Responds To President’s Speech

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

U.S. Congressman Adam Kinzinger isn’t too impressed with President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Kinzinger says the president made promising remarks about job creation but then said “the only action Americans have heard from Washington Democrats the past two years is more government spending and higher taxes are the only solutions to grow our economy and create jobs”.

Kinzinger praised himself and fellow House Republicans in passing Budget resolution Tuesday that would cut spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels.

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Large Pot Bust On I-39

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

Two Californians were arrested last week for allegedly hauling drugs through the Illinois Valley.

A state trooper pulled over a semi as it exited onto Interstate 39 from Interstate 80.  The Utica drug dog came to the scene and gave a positive alert of drugs according to police.  Troopers searched the front of the trailer and allegedly found a false compartment with 305 packages of cannabis weighing 372 pounds.

Rigoberto Galeano and Ricardo Posas were both arrested for possession with intent to deliver over five thousand grams of cannabis.  Both men were taken to the county jail.

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Recently appointed State Senator to visit La Salle County Courthouse

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

A woman new to her State Senate seat makes a stop in Ottawa today.  Republican State Senator Sue Rezin will be touring the Etna Road Courthouse in Ottawa Wednesday afternoon.

Rezin, of Grundy County, was appointed to the seat following Gary Dahl’s retirement.

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Old electric building and streets program up for action in Peru

Posted by wlpo on January 26, 2011

The old electric building on Water Street in Peru has a lot of valuable metals inside and a lot of asbestos.  The city council could approve a deal with a contractor tonight that would have the asbestos removed, any valuable materials salvaged and the building razed.

The council could also approve a funding plan for the up coming streets project that is estimated to cost $900,000.

The Peru City council meets at 7:30pm Wednesday.

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