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Voices Raise During Pool Talk In Peru

Posted by wlpo on November 3, 2010

Discussion about applying for a grant and coming up with money for a new swimming pool turned heated at the Peru City Council meeting.

As expected, the council unanimously overturned a veto by Mayor Scott Harl and will apply for a federal grant that could pay up to 75 percent of the cost of a new pool.  Alderman Dave Waldorf says without Harl’s signature on the grant, it won’t be accepted.  He claims Harl’s refusal to sign the grant shows “he doesn’t want a pool”.

Fellow Alderman Jamey Mertel accused Harl of “playing a political game with citizens”.  In response, Harl says the council still hasn’t come up with a plan to fund the pool even if they get the grant.  He says he’s doing the fiscally responsible thing by not signing the grant.  He also took a shot at the previous mayor and council saying there were open ends financially when he took office and he doesn’t want it happening while he’s mayor.

Alderman Bob Ankiewicz created the biggest stir when he indicated opponents to a new pool would feel bad if a young girl drowns because the city pool isn’t available.

The council also agreed to pay an aquatics company up to 63 hundred dollars to do drawings for the grant application.

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