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AOL Involved In Ottawa Blogger Case

Posted by wlpo on September 3, 2010

After hesitating at first, internet giant AOL will cooperate in the Ottawa Times blogger lawsuit.

An attorney with AOL told Ottawa Attorney George Hupp this morning that they would turn over information about the blogger known as “Fabfive”.  Hupp had filed a motion to find AOL in contempt of court if they didn’t cooperate.

Hupp is suing the “Fabfive” blogger on behalf of Don and Janet Maxon of Ottawa as the couple believes the blogger committed libel by allegedly they tried bribing city officials in support of a bed and breakfast.  Hupp thinks Carol Miller of Ottawa is “Fabfive” and she was ordered to give a deposition to Hupp this past Wednesday.

“Fabfive” released a retraction earlier this month in regards to the ongoing lawsuit.  The blogger says they’re post about the Maxon’s allegedly bribing city officials to support a bed and breakfast was just opinion and not meant to be taken as a fact.

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