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New switches should reduce time spent waiting for trains in Ottawa

Posted by wlpo on August 19, 2010

Following a meeting with Ottawa officials, Illinois Railway representatives say they’re making improvements that will decrease the time your stuck waiting for trains.

Illinois Railway General Manager Johnnie DeClue says they finished a new rail switch last week on the west end of Ottawa that gives the railroad the ability to access all tracks on the west end of their rail yard.  DeClue says building of a second switch will begin immediately on the east end of their line near Champlain Street.  DeClue says these two switches will mean railcars can move more fluently through the yard.

The last and biggest improvement according to DeClue is adding a new rail to accommodate 60 rail cars and another rail switch east of Champlain Street.  DeClue says this rail extension will be the biggest help in alleviating time spent switching trains over the Route 23 and Columbus Street crossing in the mornings.

DeClue says by no means will they not block traffic at all on Route 23, but they’re “taking huge strides to cut the time down as much as possible.”

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