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Archive for June 28th, 2010

La Salle choosing red stickers to let homeowners know their grass is too high

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

A red sticker on your front door in La Salle means it’s time to get mowing.

The city is using the sticker as another way to tell homeowners and renters that their grass and weeds are too high.  The city council approved using stickers in addition to a letter Monday night.

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New Council Member In Oglesby

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

The electric commissioner in Oglesby is no stranger to the position.

The Oglesby City Council Monday night unanimously named Gary Carey as the city’s new electric commissioner.  He replaces Don Finley who was named mayor.

Carey was electric commissioner in Oglesby from 1991 thru 1999 before he lost in a bid for a third term.  Since then he’s retired from the steel mill in Hennepin.

After accepting the job, Carey told the council audience not to expect miracles but he’ll give it his best shot.  He was non-committal on running for a full-term as commissioner in the April election.

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Emergency Plane Landing In Somonauk

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

A small two-seater airplane made an emergency landing Saturday night in Somonauk.

The pilot, John Spoor Jr. of Sandwich told investigators his plane lost power and was forced to make an emergency landing in a bean field west of a forest preserve.  Spoor and his wife Barbara walked out of the plane unharmed.

The plane was not damaged.

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Candidates Agree On Handgun Ruling

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

While they may not agree on much, the two candidates for the 11th congressional district both are applauding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold gun ownership rights in Chicago.

Both Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson and her Republican opponent Adam Kinzinger were quick to announce today they supported the court’s ruling.  Halvorson said in the Chicago, or McDonald case “we saw how important it is that the individual right to responsibly own a firearm is protected”.  Kinzinger says “The Supreme Court has reaffirmed that our Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms must be defended at all levels of government”.

Kinzinger also blasts Halvorson for supporting “anti-gun, anti-liberty” democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

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Crossing guard pay and garage sales on the agenda for La Salle City Council

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

The size of garage sales and putting a cap on the amount of money that can be spent per city official at conventions are some of the topics that could come up at Monday’s La Salle City Council meeting.

The council is also scheduled to go into executive session to discus the pay for crossing guards.

The council meets at 7pm.

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Road projects on Route 71 and Route 6 begin Monday

Posted by wlpo on June 28, 2010

A couple mile stretch of Route 71 will be under construction starting Monday.

Advanced Asphalt of Princeton is resurfacing Route 71 from Interstate 39 west to Cedar Point.  The job also includes sidewalk work in Cedar Point.  The work is expected to be done by September.

A part of Route 6 between Marseilles and Seneca will be closed to traffic starting Monday.

Len Trevero Construction is starting a two-month job of replacing a box culvert under Route 6 between Marseilles and Seneca.  Traffic will be detoured just east of Ottawa to Interstate 80.  Morris Blacktop is another alternate route.

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