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Archive for May 26th, 2010

Ottawa Man Accused Of Grabbing Cops Genitals During Scuffle

Posted by wlpo on May 26, 2010

A minor fender bender turned into a lot more.

Ottawa Police officials say Allan Green was driving drunk when he rear-ended a semi on East Dayton Road last night.  After the crash, Green was taken to Ottawa Regional Hospital where he allegedly struggled with an officer.  During the struggle, he’s accused of squeezing the officer’s genitals.

Green appeared in court Wednesday morning and was charged with aggravated battery and felony DUI and driving with a suspended license.  The DUI and suspended license charges were made felonies because of prior convictions.

Green is being held on 25 thousand dollars bond.

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Earlville Teen Dies After Crash

Posted by wlpo on May 26, 2010

Just days before graduation, the class president, valedictorian and prom queen at Earlville High School has died.

18 year old Samantha Fielitz died Monday from injuries suffered in a two-car crash on East 10th Road just west of Earlville back on March 12th.  Fielitz was being treated at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

Sheriff’s deputies say 81 year old Lee Bunton of Compton failed to yield at a stop sign and crashed into the driver’s side door of Fielitz.  Bunton was ticketed for failing to yield.

Earlville High School graduation is this Friday night.

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Parolee accused of threatening witnesses

Posted by wlpo on May 26, 2010

A man on parole for burglary faces a new charge after investigators say he threatened to hurt witnesses if they didn’t change their testimony.

Gregory Longoria of Streator was arrested Tuesday for harassment of a witness, a class 2 felony.  His arrest came after an investigation by the La Salle County State’s Attorney’s office and the Mendota Police Department.

Longoria is accused of making the threats Sunday, two days before the scheduled proceeding.

He’s serving parole for a burglary conviction in 2009.  He’s being held in the county jail with his bond set at $50,000.

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Tea party hears from Illinois Policy Institute official

Posted by wlpo on May 26, 2010

Nearly 100 people turned out for the latest Bureau-La Salle County Tea Party meeting held l Tuesday night at Illinois Valley Community College.

Brian Costin is the director of outreach for the Illinois Policy Institute and was the featured speaker.  Costin told the crowd the institute is “waging war for liberty in Illinois” by giving people the information they need to get lawmakers to lower taxes, balance the budget and limit government spending.  Costin says if lawmakers used a common small business practice of not spending more then they took in, there wouldn’t be a budget deficit as big as there is.

Costin says the budget problem won’t be solved until the state deals with the pension crisis.  He claims that with the pension system now, some state employees will make more in retirement than they did when actually working.  Costin says the Illinois Policy Institute supports a 401K type state worker pension system.

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