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La Salle tables talk about ad spending

Posted by wlpo on September 22, 2009

Sports programs, shop downtown La Salle ads and radio spots are types of advertising the City of La Salle has traditionally purchased. That’s been changing due to the tough financial times and a new mayor.
Alderman Gary Schroeder several weeks ago asked the council to take a closer look at the money they’re spending on advertising. He wasn’t talking about the legal notices they’re required to run in the paper, but other print and broadcast ads. The council took up the topic Monday night.
According to Mayor Jeff Grove, they’ve spent 40 percent less on newspapers ads and nearly 96 percent less on radio ads in 2009 than 2008.
Still, some alderman want to see rules in place regarding advertising spending.
Alderman George Green says he wants the council to have more say in what ads are approved, but says he’s not against all advertising.
A couple of others thought it was going a little too far to require the council approve all ad spending, thinking where would they draw the line when it comes to micro-managing city spending.
In the end, they tabled a motion that would tighten ad spending so they could get numbers on what they spent going back a year. It will likely come up again at the next council meeting.

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