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Hog Farm questions and answers heard in Wenona

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

Family farm or factory a- it does not matter what you want to call a breed to ween hog farm proposed for rural Wenona. What matters is if it meets the eight criteria in the Livestock Management Facilities Act.

Veterinarian Nicolas Rippel and his engineer spoke on behalf of Sandy Creek Lane, LLC Thursday night at a hearing by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  They tried to explain why and how the farm with 5600 pigs would meet the rules for odor control, waste management, and zoning.

A member of the audience, Leslie Smith asked if the hog farm would create a health threat to other hogs.

Rippel said it would not.

Lostant Mayor Fred Hartenbower wanted to know if there were plans to expand the farm. 

Rippel said no.

The meeting minutes will be considered by the IDOA before they make a decision.  The Marshall County Board has 30 days to give a non-binding recommendation.

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Block from the Pentagon to be displayed in Marseilles

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

You will soon be able to see and touch a piece of American history that is finding a new home in Marseilles. A limestone block from the Pentagon that was damaged on September 11th, 2001 is being added to the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial along the Illinois River in Marseilles.

Greg Hoffman is with the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run, the group that runs the memorial wall.  He says the Department of Defense approved their request for the artifact. The piece, which weighs between 200 and 300 pounds, is escorted into town Saturday morning.

It will be stored at the National Guard Armory until it is unveiled during the annual Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run June 21.
Learn more by listening to an interview with Hoffman available at the WLPO AM and FM news page.

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Driver in Spring Valley hit and run accident described as having bad teeth

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

Normally if your car has front-end damage it’s because you hit something but not for a woman in Spring Valley. Kathy Slover told the police Wednesday that a car in front of her at an intersection backed into her.

Slover says they both got out of their cars and he said he would be right back and never returned.

Police didn’t describe the man’s car but say Slover described him as white with red hair, bad teeth and a baseball cap.

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Mass offered for La Salle girl

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

Thousands of prayers have been said for Lily Rosploch, a young La Salle girl who has spent much of her short life being treated for cancer. A mass was offered 7:30pm Thursday at St. Bede Abby.

Rosploch was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in June of 2012 and was considered cancer free last November. She is again undergoing therapy.

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Transformation of a former grain elevator is underway

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

Renovations are underway inside the former Utica Elevator building in Utica. The elevator is the property of the La Salle County Historical Society.

Historical society president Steve Aubry says the former elevator offices could be displaying artifacts by this fall, though the basement is prone to flooding.  The work is costing $350,000.

The building will hold an elevator, two staircases, a front porch and be handicapped accessible. Aubry believes the project may be done in time for this fall’s Burgoo.

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Congressman to visit Marseilles Lock and Dam

Posted by wlpo on April 17, 2014

Millions of dollars in repairs are planned for the Marseilles Lock and Dam.  Congressman Adam Kinzinger visits Marseilles Thursday morning to talk about the $35 million from the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers to complete repairs. The lock and dam were damaged by runaway barges during flooding last April.

Kinzinger is meeting at City Hall at 10:15am to review the project with Rock Island Army Corp Commander Mark Deschenes, Marseilles mayor Patty Smith and members of Team Rubicon.

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Streator’s Hart described as a “true believer of his hometown”

Posted by wlpo on April 16, 2014

A seat was be empty when the Streator City Council met Wednesday evening. Commissioner Bruce Hart died Monday in his home. Hart was 76 years old and serving his second term on the council.

Mayor Jimmie Lansford says Hart was a true believer of his hometown and was very interested in improving the city. He says with his education and qualifications, you can’t replace Hart.

Discussion about who will fill his seat on the council will come after his services this weekend.

Lansford says they thought about postponing the meeting but they think Hart would have wanted them to meet.

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Ottawa streetscape work planned for West Main Street

Posted by wlpo on April 16, 2014

New lampposts, sidewalks and flowerbeds are in store for another block of downtown Ottawa. The streetscape beautification work that has added color to La Salle Street is being continued around the corner in the 200 block of Main Street.

The city council Tuesday night accepted a $28,000 bid from Clegg-Perkins for the new lampposts and a $35,000 bid from Dean’s Dynamic Concrete for sidewalk and curb work.

Mayor Bob Eschbach says it will look similar to what they’ve done to La Salle Street. The work is part of a rural development grant worth $99,000.

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Four people arrested after allegedly trying steal from a car

Posted by wlpo on April 16, 2014

There’s nothing you can steal out of a car that would make it worth a felony charge. La Salle County Sheriff’s Deputies tracked down four people accused of trying to steal from a car in rural Utica.

The owner called the police Tuesday night, giving them a description o f a car and the people inside. Soon Amey McDonnell of Joliet, Derrick Aquino of Marseilles, and Jose Avila and Anthony Brito, Jr. of Ottawa were stopped in Utica and arrested for burglary to a motor vehicle.

They’re being held in the county jail awaiting a bond hearing.

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Ottawa reaches agreement with their police union

Posted by wlpo on April 16, 2014

Negotiations for a new police contract in Ottawa ended with a two-year contract with which both sides agree. Officers will receive a 2.4% raise in year one and a 2.5% in year two.

Mayor Bob Eschbach says the negations went well. The contract was placed on file Tuesday night by the city council. It begins May 1.

The city council also agreed the police department should get a new computer server for nearly $152,000.

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